Year: 2021
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Lucy, the Human Chimp 2021

In the 1960s chimpanzee Lucy was raised as a human in an experiment conducted by psychologists from the University of Oklahoma. When Lucy was taken to live on an island in The Gambia a young student, Janis, lived with her for 6 years.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Lorna Nickson Brown, Matthew Brenher, Jacinta Mulcahy, Janis Carter

7.2 IMDB Rating 196 Views
You Keep the Kids 2021

Flora and Victor are fun, modern, caring parents. That is, until they decide to get a divorce, and the perfect job opportunity turns up for them. They now have one problem: custody.

Category: Comedy

Stars: Paco León, Miren Ibarguren, Iván Renedo

6,1 IMDB Rating 278 Views
The Seance 2021

A YouTube-famous paranormal debunker attends an infamous medium's seance in an effort to expose his charlatan ways. During the evening she discovers this haunted house's occupants will do whatever it takes to avoid the limelight.

Category: Horror

Stars: Michael Minto, Miranda Skerman, Devin Brooke

Lulli 2021

After getting electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious young medical student begins to hear the thoughts of others.

Category: Comedy, Romantic

Stars: Larissa Manoela,Vinícius Redd,Amanda de Godoi

4,6 IMDB Rating 131 Views
Survive the Game 2021

A man's life on his farm is interrupted when a cop and a pair of dangerous criminals show up.

Category: Action, Thriller

Stars: Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis, Swen Temmel

4.6 IMDB Rating 733 Views
See You Next Christmas 2021

Annie and Tom Clark throw a holiday party every year, "Clarkmas." Over the years, it's become the go-to holiday event for their ragtag group of friends. When chronically single Natalie and Logan continue to run into each other at the

Category: Uncategorised

Stars: Elizabeth Guest, AJ Meijer, Vin Vescio

5.3 IMDB Rating 188 Views
Reno 911!: The Hunt for QAnon 2021

Follows the deputies of the Reno Sheriff's Department as they hunt for Q, the one behind all the QAnon conspiracies. Their efforts cause them to get stuck at a QAnon convention at sea.

Category: Uncategorised

Stars: Carlos Alazraqui,Mary Birdsong,Abigail Garant

Red Stone 2021

A dangerous hitman (Neal McDonough) is tasked with hunting down a teenager who witnessed the murder of his older brother at the hands of a ruthless Southern crime lord (Michael Cudlitz). The hired gun must track down the boy before e

Category: Thriller

Stars: Neal McDonough, Mike Dopud, Michael Cudlitz

5.8 IMDB Rating 603 Views
Red Rocket 2021

Mikey Saber is a washed-up porn star who returns to his small Texas hometown, not that anyone really wants him back.

Category: Comedy, Drama

Stars: Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, Suzanna Son

7.6 IMDB Rating 663 Views
National Champions 2021

Follows star quarterback who ignites a players strike hours before the biggest game of the year in order to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for the student-athletes.

Category: Drama

Stars: Kristin Chenoweth, J.K. Simmons, Alexander Ludwig

6.0 IMDB Rating 443 Views
Mothering Sunday 2021

A maid living in post-World War I England secretly plans to meet with the man she loves before he leaves to marry another woman.

Category: Drama, Romantic

Stars: Olivia Colman, Colin Firth, Josh O'Connor

6.4 IMDB Rating 335 Views
Mayday 2021

Ana is transported to a dreamlike and dangerous land where she joins an army of girls engaged in a never-ending war. Though she finds strength in this exhilarating world, she realizes that she's not the killer they want her to be.

Category: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Stars: Grace Van Patten, Mia Goth, Soko

4.2 IMDB Rating 418 Views
Ladies Market 2021

A story where four people's paths cross, and the fate of their lives intertwine.

Category: Drama

Stars: Lap-Gei Cheung, Xenia Chong, Arrommy Leung

4.4 IMDB Rating 94 Views
Code of Silence 2021

Plot unknown.

Category: Crime

Stars: Alec Newman, Stephen Moyer, Andrew Tiernan

4.9 IMDB Rating 535 Views
Heart of Champions 2021

During their last year at an Ivy League college in 1999, a group of friends and crew teammates' lives are changed forever when an army vet takes over as coach of their dysfunctional rowing team.

Category: Drama, Sport

Stars: Michael Shannon, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton

5.4 IMDB Rating 321 Views
Fortress 2021

A group of criminals hellbent on revenge, forces a retired officer and his son to save the day.

Category: Action, Thriller

Stars: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Jesse Metcalfe

3.3 IMDB Rating 662 Views
Far from the Tree 2021

In Far From the Tree, curiosity gets the better of a young raccoon whose frustrated parent attempts to keep them both safe.

Category: Adventure, Animation, Short

7.7 IMDB Rating 230 Views
Escape from Mogadishu 2021

In 1991 war-torn Somalia the personnel and the families of both the South Korean and the North Korean embassies have the same goal: to escape from Mogadishu.

Category: Action, Drama, Thriller

Stars: Kim Yoon-seok, In-Sung Jo, Joon-ho Huh

7.2 IMDB Rating 377 Views
A Christmas Number One 2021

A young woman desperately wants her uncle to find love and for his song to hit the number one spot by Christmas day.

Category: Comedy, Romantic

Stars: Freida Pinto, Debi Mazar, Iwan Rheon

5.5 IMDB Rating 186 Views
1000 Miles From Christmas 2021

A Christmas tale, a romantic comedy and the story of a man in his 30s who learns reluctantly to get carried away by the Christmas spirit.

Category: Comedy, Romantic

Stars: Tamar Novas, Andrea Ros, Mar del Hoyo

5.8 IMDB Rating 104 Views